Keep board approvals on track

Create a better experience for clients

Client portals


Provide each of your clients with their own account access to collaborate with you, initiate board consents, and track the status of their board approvals.

Filtered inbox


Centralize the communication of board consent documents across emails, comments, questions, and status updates in a single, consolidated view.

Board resolution summaries


Summaries showing pertinent information are available for certain common board consents. Additional custom board consent types can be added as needed.

A comprehensive workflow


The system allows you to create or upload board consent documents, prep them for e-signatures, send them to board members, and store executed documents.

Automated tracking and reminders


For each client with active board resolutions, easily track the status of any drafted or outstanding board consent document.

Secure permissions


Provide access to other team members in the firm to collaborate with you and work with companies as external collaborators.

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