Standardize the due diligence process

Coordinated workspace communication

Faster and more efficient

Automatically create and track issues

Version Tracking

Consolidate your flagged comments, notes, and highlights, into an issues list that can be sent directly to the client, or any other parties, to review and provide feedback on.

Focus and communicate in one workspace

One Workplace

Attorneys can review, flag, and comment on documents in a single workspace, reducing the number of tedious notes, emails, and call-outs needed to be created manually.

Reduce confusion with better team alignment


Everyone stays up-to-date on the due diligence progress. Document views are tracked and added to the activity log throughout the process.

Control access with secure permissions


With both private and shared data rooms, deal teams can collaborate in a secure environment, where sensitive information cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Align in-house and outside legal counsel


Invite external attorneys, in-house counsel, contract attorneys or others to participate in the diligence review.

Secure tools to conduct due diligence

Data Room
Due Diligence Data Room icon
Data Room

Granular permissioning with tighter
controls for different documents

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Issue Tracker
issue Tracker
Issue Tracker

Standardization for the flagging
and tracking of issues

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Task Manager
Task assignments Copy 2
Task Manager

Assigned tasks for better
accountability and visibility

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