Move to the cloud

A workflow platform that enhances communication and execution for VC deals

Foster a better client relationship

  • Speed up the time it takes for you to get back to your clients
  • Align your deal team on what the next steps are with a customizable checklist for the entire deal team to view and work from
  • Get full visibility into the other side’s tasks and what items you are waiting on

Provide legal advice with ease

  • Simplify your process by reducing the number of emails and phone calls you need to compose and schedule
  • Comment directly on documents that your clients can see and respond to
  • Always have a record of each document, including past versions and the most recent one, with a cloud-based ledger

Stay organized throughout a deal

  • Go through each step of the process without ever having to leave the platform
  • Reduce the time spent tracking down final edited versions, with our smart, self-organizing file management system
  • Easily show what edits you recommend with document comparison, redlining, and editing tools

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