Better project management

Keep track of activities and project owners in a deal

Improve visibility
Improve visibility
Improve visibility

Deal teams no longer need to ask who’s doing what. Both internal and third-party stakeholders can see who’s working on which documents.

Updated versions
Version history
Updated versions

Stop wasting time looking for documents. The most recent version of a document will always appear at the top of your workspace.

Reduce calls
Status updates
Reduce calls

Easily check the status of a deal, without having to wait for a delayed reply. Supervisors and deal observers can monitor updates from any time zone.

Secure document management

Doc management

Sort and store changes made to any document in a secure environment.

Automated version control

version history

A complete audit trail of every document version including which users viewed, edited, and commented on a document.

Live feed with real-time updates

Activity logs

Receive immediate notifications, both on and off the platform, to keep track of deal activities and user actions.

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