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As an Entrepreneur,
You’ll be better prepared to obtain venture capital financing if you understand the process, the anticipated deal terms, and the potential issues that will arise. Protect your company with powerful legal tools, built with founders’ best interests in mind.
Educate yourself and the team
Educate Yourself and the Team
Get familiar with deal terms before entering into negotiations. Know what to expect using our plain-English deal dictionary, sample due diligence checklist, and common financing workflows.
Show up prepared
Show Up Prepared
Test-drive the process using our term sheet simulator and calculators. Gather and share all relevant documentation in your virtual data room. Use the DMS to get all your documentation in order and ready for investors.
Close a round with success
Close a Round with Success
When you’re ready, invite your investors to Anduin. Fundraise with confidence using Anduin’s legal parsing machine, e-signature & escrow, and real-time milestone updates.

Deal Management

With Anduin, you always know where things stand. Track deal progress, see pending actions and send reminders right from your dashboard.

Legal Transparency

Understand at a glance what a legal document entails, and whether a term is favorable to you or the investor.
legal transaparency

Risk Mitigation


Board Consent