Prepare to raise from VCs

Legal technology and collaboration tools to help you fundraise with confidence
VC financing education

Educate yourself and your team

Know what to expect using a deal dictionary, due diligence checklist, and financing workflows.

Visualize scenario

Visualize hypothetical scenarios

Test-drive different financing situations using our term sheet simulator and dilution calculator.

Fundraise with confidence

End-to-end deal management


With Anduin, you always know where things stand. Track deal progress, see pending actions and send reminders right from your dashboard.

Legal transparency

legal transaparency-2

Understand at a glance what a legal document entails, and whether a term is more favorable to you or the investor.

Risk mitigation

deal management

Reduce risk with a secure and digital evidentiary record of each deal. Eliminate the likelihood of costly mistakes that could impact you in the future.

Stay on top of your important documents

Due diligence
Due diligence

Use the smart, secure, and self-organizing file management system for all of your documents.


Gather signatures and store the signed files in one place for easy access.

Board consents
Group 20

Create, track, and manage your board consent requests.

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