Join Anduin

Help us build a universal platform for private market transactions

What we do

We started with a platform that demystifies complex financial transactions.


We already power many of the world’s most sophisticated private market investors. Under the hood, we’ve built impressive legal parsing and ontology, advanced permissioning and security, and cutting-edge document generation technologies.

Why Anduin

Bold challenges

We're creating advanced legal technology and powerful platforms to enable private financing. It takes hard work, dedication, and brainpower.

Meaningful solutions

We have founders and investors that are united in our long-term vision. We put the work in to solve meaningful and impactful problems the right way.

The right team

Our team hails from prestigious domestic and international universities. We’re PhDs, drop outs, and International Olympiad in Informatics winners.


Play to your strengths. Our culture seeks to accentuate your strengths and develop your superpowers.


We take pride in making software that makes the work life of our customers easier and creates efficiencies for them to focus on adding value.

Real problems

We embrace curiosity and are never content to slap some duct tape on a problem. We like to dive into the root causes and create lasting impactful solutions.

Open to all backgrounds

We value user empathy just as much as industry-specific knowledge. When building functional features, you’ll get paired with a finance or legal expert on our team. By combining each other’s strengths, we get outcomes that are greater than the sum of our parts.