Help us to build a universal platform for private market transactions
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Why Anduin?

We put the work in to solve problems the right way.

Difficult problems
We're building technology to enable some of the smartest white-collar workers in the world. This is no easy task. Below the surface, we're building advanced legal technology and powerful platforms for enabling private finance. It takes hard work, dedication, and brainpower.
Meaningful solutions
We’re working on meaningful, impactful problems. We have founders and investors that are united in our long term vision. We put the work in to solve problems the right way.
The right team
Our team has built world-changing software companies and invested in, discovered, and mentored the next generation of great Silicon Valley startups. We hail from prestigious domestic and international universities. We’re PhDs, drops outs, and International Olympiad in Informatics winners.
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We’re always looking for passionate, intelligent, and driven individuals

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